Infectious Diseases & Nuclear medicine

Atomic Medicine has developed from a therapeutic subspecialty utilizing very essential tests to one utilizing elaborate strategies to picture organ physiology and has genuinely moved toward becoming "Sub-atomic Imaging". Simultaneously, there has likewise been a convenient discussion about who must be in charge of keeping pace with the majority of the segments of the formative cycle; imaging, radiopharmaceuticals and instrumentation. Interior prescription and atomic drug prompting tolerability in the Field of Science. The atomic drug is a restorative forte including the use of radioactive substances in the determination and treatment of malady. The advancement of atomic medication was quickened with the presentation of the gamma camera. It was the first SPECT camera in Slovenia empowering different projection edges. The cutting edge 2-head gamma camera empowers a bigger number of scintigraphic examinations and increasingly exact picture handling. The Infectious Diseases Section of the Department of Internal Medicine takes part in a wide scope of patient consideration, examine, and instructive exercises. The focal point of Research programs inside the Infectious Diseases Section incorporates Vector-borne illnesses Immunology of Aging, Infections in Older Adults, Microbial pathogenesisHIV sickness.

  • Infectious Disease and Public Health
  • Travel Medicine
  • Viral and Bacterial infections
  • Fungal and Parasitic infections

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