INTERNAL MEDICINE Organizing Committee

Saurav Bhowmik

Global Business School & Research Centre

Biography: Visiting faculty for Hospital & Healthcare management in “Global Bus ReadMore...

Research Interest: Healthcare management

William J. Rowe

Former Assistant Clinical Professor
Medical University of Ohio, Toledo

Biography: William J Rowe is a board certified Specialist in Internal Medicine. H ReadMore...

Research Interest: Internal medicine, Cell Biology, Human Biology, Phycology, H ReadMore...

Dr Krupa Torne

Head, Department of Neurosciences
Surya Children’s multispecialty Hospital

Biography: Dr KrupaTorne is among the few super specialists who have been interna ReadMore...

Research Interest: She is a recipient of MRCPCH UK, an internationally acclaime ReadMore...


Genetic Lab, Department of Biotechnology

Biography: B. Sc. in Molecular and Cell Biology: Tonekabon University, Iran (2006 ReadMore...

Research Interest: • Study of cancer • Study of gene expression • ReadMore...

Dr. Euodia Guinmapang

Associate Professor
Ospital ng Makati

Biography: Euodia Guinmapang trained in the field of Internal Medicine at Ospital ReadMore...

Research Interest: Internal Medicine

Dr. Syed Muzammil Afzal

Kakatiya University

Biography: Dr. Syed Muzammil Afzal has completed his Ph.D from Kakatiya Universit ReadMore...

Research Interest: Development & comparison of docetaxel lipid nanoemulsions by ReadMore...

Erica Tania Davillo

Chief Medical Officer
Our Lady of Fatima University Graduate School

Biography: Chief Medical Officer Premier101 Healthcare Management Inc. Valenzu ReadMore...

Research Interest: ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTY OF BAKAUAN BABAE, 2006, E.T. Davillo, ReadMore...

Dr. Mostafa Norizadeh Tazehkand

Associate Professor
Bulent Ecevit University

Biography: B. Sc. in Molecular and Cell Biology: Tonekabon University, Iran (2006 ReadMore...

Research Interest: • Vaccine production • Recombinant protein production ReadMore...

Dr. Mony Fraer

Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine – Nephrology
University of Iowa Health Care
United States

Biography: MD, Medicine, Grigore T Popa School of Medicine, University of Medicin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Dennis Bloom Field

Emeritus Professor of Medicine
Richmond University Medical Center

Biography: Dr. Bloomfield attended medical school in Australia and cardiology tra ReadMore...

Research Interest: catheterization oriented with studies in left ventricular fu ReadMore...

Ishwarlal Jialal

California Northstate University,USA

Biography: Ishwarlal Jialal graduated with the equivalent of an MD, PhD (MB.CH.B, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Role of inflammation in atherosclerosis, Metabolic syndrom ReadMore...

Anne-Marie Bogaert

Department of nephrology
AZ Glorieux

Biography: Updating...

Research Interest: Updating...

Kazuo Kitamura

University of Miyazaki

Biography: Dr. Kazuo Kitamura graduated from Miyazaki Medical College with M.D. i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Translational reserches in cardiovascular disorders as well ReadMore...

Irene Sarosiek, M.D

Professor of Medicine, Director of GI Motility and Neurostimulation Research
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso.

Biography: Dr. Sarosiek graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok in Pol ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her research interest revolves around upper GI motility diso ReadMore...

Tamis Bright .MD.

Associate Professor of Medicine, Chief, Division of Endocrinology
Texas Tech University

Biography: Tamis Bright, MD graduated from Loyola Stritch Medical School and comp ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes and Thyroid diseases

Mony Fraer

Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine - Nephrology
University of Lowa Carver College of Medicine

Biography: Dr.Fraer is currently working as Clinical Associate Professor of Inter ReadMore...

Research Interest: Internal Medicine,Nephrology